Benefits Of Beekeeping For Health

Benefits Of Beekeeping For Health

Beekeeping is the activity that consists of the organized and controlled breeding of bee colonies. So that they can collect the nectar from the flowers and create honeycombs from which high-quality honey can be extracted, In addition to the other products that can be purchased by the work of bees, either wax or royal jelly. Let’s start to know about the benefits of beekeeping in detail.

Benefits Of Beekeeping For Health
Benefits Of Beekeeping For Health

History Behind Beekeeping

The beginnings of beekeeping date from the ancient era of history, in which even Egyptian hieroglyphs dating from approximately 4000 years ago have been obtained. In beekeeping, people can be seen working with various beehives, who are following orders in a way, which implies that this civilization already knew and practiced this activity.

In many countries of the world, in the majority, beekeeping is practiced, and there are even some nations that have used this activity to obtain economic benefits whose products have become export products.

For example, Argentina is the country in Latin America that produces very high-quality honey, which is also a relevant export product in that entity.

Colombia is another leading producer of products derived from the beekeeping process. After the independence of Colombia, when the republic was established, the government ministry, responsible for the area of ​​agricultural production, recognized the value of this activity. So they dedicated part of their effort to boost this work in the nation, which resulted in a boom in beekeeping, and obtaining essential products that contributed to the economic development of the country.

The Benefits Of Beekeeping

Ecological Benefits

First of all, it has ecological benefits. The pollination that bees carry out during the process of collecting the nectar helps the maintenance of ecosystems that are important for the environment, in addition to guaranteeing abundant nectarine vegetation. Secondly, it has economic benefits.

Economical Benefits

There are several countries in Latin America such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile who have come to export honey, obtained from beekeeping, which has generated the entry of necessary money to the nation due to its exportation. It is estimated that the production cost of beekeeping jobs today correspond to 25% or 30% of the value of the finished product.

In addition, beekeeping has not only economic-environmental benefit, but the products extracted from the beekeeping process, such as honey, have significant benefits for society.

Medicinal Benefits

Since time immemorial, it has known that honey has medicinal properties. In fact, the Romans, the Egyptians, and the Greeks believed that honey could cure stomach, skin diseases, to fight infections, for skin diseases, among other things. Today it is known that all these beliefs are true!

It turns out that all those benefits that the ancients attributed to honey were correct, so much so that today it is not only known that it is capable of offering help to these types of ailments or diseases, but also that honey has the particularity of providing its properties

Medicines to activate the metabolism of the liver and help you to discard excessive amounts of alcohol, to give energy to the body and fight stress, depression, fatigue, since honey can have minerals, vitamins, amino acids, among other components  They help in this aspect.

Antibiotic Properties

Honey is healing and at the same time, natural antiseptic. It is antibiotic, and therefore effectively fights infections. Honey, mixed with a little lemon, is a remedy used since the past centuries to avoid or eliminate throat discomfort.  It helps insomnia very well, it is effective against constipation due to its laxative properties, thus helping intestinal transit.

Properties To Prevent From Cancer Tumours

An interesting fact is that recently, scientific studies conducted in the United States have shown that honey has properties that can be used to prevent the growth of cancer tumors.

In tests carried out in laboratory mice, it discovered that injections of honey in tumors have prevented tumor growth and also metastasis in animals and that their consumption can serve as a preventive system against this disease.

Benefits Of Beekeeping For Health
Benefits Of Beekeeping For Health

For this and many other reasons, beekeeping is an activity that continues to boom and promises to continue rising.


Beekeepers are increasingly competing to get better quality queen bees to produce honey of the best type and contribute to these advances and also allow human beings to enjoy all the sweet benefits that this liquid has to offer.

The training of new beekeepers who are willing to obtain benefits go beyond the monetary, to get the sweet product that bees create and thus make it known throughout the world to know everything that this activity is guaranteed has to contribute to society and the construction of a healthier life.

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