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Bumblebee And Their Value In Market

Bumblebee And Their Value in Market

The honey bees are distinctly different from Bumblebee when compared in shape and size. While honey bees and bumblebee are both effective in pollination, but honey production of honey is less compared to standard honey bees. However, these bees are easily distinguishable from other species of the same genome. They are hefty as well as attractive. Likewise, they are fascinating for scientists, researchers, naturalists, and children.

Bumblebee And Their Value in Market
Bumblebee And Their Value in Market

Bumblebee Consideration From Business Point Of View

The rearing of bumblebees can generate multi-millions of business. Hence, managing a bumblebee colony can be profitable beekeeping intent. Greenhouse pollination of tomatoes is mostly possible by using this type of bee intervention. But, microparasites are prevalent, which can cause damage to bumblebees, destroying their colonies. Millions of Euros are generating worldwide by colonies of these bees. These species generally have short-life, so they need precautionary measures in rearing.

The Benefits Associated With Bumblebee Rearing

The use of bumblebee colonies started the mid-1980s and grew with time. Besides tomatoes, nineteen other varieties of the crop get benefitted by the help of them. Records suggest, there are over a million colonies exported and imported between Europe, North and South America as well as Asia. As a plus, the beekeeping process of these bees, have made it possible to get introduced in non-active bumble bee countries in World. 

Technical Brief About Colonies Of Bumblebee

Beekeeping can help to gather In-depth knowledge about these organisms. Queen bees will carry out their traditional role of initiating and expanding their colonies. Beekeeping enables scientists and researchers to know about the individuality of the queen, how they monitor the functioning of the workers to build the hives.

Beekeeping For Bumble Type Bees

Like any other method, the beekeeping technique for bumblebees is straightforward. These constitute two boxes, one rear, and one front. The larger ‘Front box’ and smaller ‘back box’ are for defecating and foraging. The average temperature and humidity are adequate for harvesting. If desired, a moist filter paper or cloth can be satisfying. Regular inspection of hives is very crucial for beekeepers. With the advent of spring, the activities for queen bees, of building up colonies begins. The queen initially broods offsprings, which are female mostly.

Bumblebee And Their Value in Market
Bumblebee And Their Value in Market

Facts About Honey From Bumblebee  

The argument still exists bumblebees produce the same type of honey-like those of traditional honey. However, we can conclude that the later produces an equivalent substance that is similar to kinds of honey. Devices designed to store are short-termed and should be immediate. However, the type of honey from honeybees is viable to be used in winter as well. The bumblebee harvest leads to a lesser amount of honey extraction smaller population of workers. In contrast, beekeepers intend a larger quantity of honey bee population those produce a more considerable amount of honey.

Bottom line

Bumblebees, unlike standard honey bees, are hefty and larger. They contribute to greenhouse tomato harvesting primarily along with nineteen other varieties of the crop by pollination. Beekeeper’s find interest in providing to harvesting these bees. The bumblebees have short-life spring to autumn, and unlike standard honey bees, they produce a lower quantity of honey. 

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