Different Types of Honey Bees

Honey Bee Types

There are many types of bees, but the bee kind that we all love would be the Honey Bees. Sometimes they are neglected and not enough people like them because they tend to sting people as their defense mechanism.

However, if they realize how important their role in our ecosystem, they will also surely learn how to appreciate them and keep them safe. They play an important role, especially the honey bees.

Honey Bees are the type of bees that produces honey which is an extremely popular product around the world. As there are different types of honey, they are reared by different kinds of honey bees. If you’re looking for which honey bee would suit you best, then you’re reading the right article.

Italian Bees (apis mellifera ligustica)

A close up of a honeycomb

A popular bee stock, Italian Honey Bee, originates in Italy. It’s famous amongst beekeepers for its production rates and their gentleness. Others find a hard time liking them because it also has a downside to them. It’s fast in consuming its resources, and they usually steal from other hives making it easy to spread diseases among bees which is making it hard for beekeepers to manage them.

German Bees (Apis mellifera mellifera)

A group of honeycomb

One of the rare bee species, the german honey bee, originates in UK, Scandinavia, and Germany and survives even colder weather. Although they are very rare and precious, this Bee is less popular due to its defensive nature and prone to diseases.

The Caucasian Bees (Apis mellifera caucasica)

Like the Italian Bee, Caucasian Bee is another good-natured bee. They have long tongues making it easier to pollinate flowers that even other bees can’t do so. Despite this, they have low popularity among beekeepers due to their low production of honey. But they still are important because they still play a big role in pollination of flowers.

The Carniolan Bees (apis mellifera carnica)

One of the popular bees, the Carniolan Bee, originates in eastern Europe. It also has high production, especially during springtime and gentle. But sometimes, due to its excessive production in spring, they are prone to swarms and low-quality honey.

The Buckfast Bees

The Buckfast bee results from cross-breeding between healthy bee colonies, and they thrive during cold climates. They have a lower risk of diseases and neutral temperament. These can take a lot of effort to manage their colonies, and they might even be expensive. However, if they are really managed well, they are usually super worth it.

The Russian Bees

The Russian Bee originates in Russia, and it is hard to access due to different studies about them and their parasite resistance.

Africanized Bees

Unlike its name, Africanized Bee, also called Killer Bee, originates in Brazil. They are aggressive, but they have high honey production and high parasite resistance.

Minnesota Hygienic Bees

Famous for their cleaning skills, Minnesota Hygienic bees has a high resistance to diseases and increased honey production. They are similar to Italian bees, especially when it comes to the disadvantages.

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