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Honey Farmer And Their Income From Beekeeping

Honey Farmer And Their Income From Beekeeping

Honey farming is a growing trend all over the world. You can build a stand-alone commercial honey farm or integrate it with other crops to increase the crop yield. You can generate additional income from honey farming. Honey farmers are discovering and educating themselves on how to start and build honey production with complete agriculture information. Apiculture, rearing of the honey bee, is the process of beekeeping and is an age-old process from the ancient times. Bee farming or beekeeping is an attractive and widely-practiced form of agriculture and way of life. They rear bees and cultivate honey, like any other crop.

Beekeeping And Agriculture

To maintain a beehive in an agricultural farm is nothing new. We know that honey is a commercially valuable product for ages, and many honey farmers go deep interior of jungles to collect honey, which is life-threatening for them.

Honey Farmer And Their Income From Beekeeping
Honey Farmer And Their Income From Beekeeping

To avoid that, many farmers started maintaining beehives in their agriculture farms that bring in additional income for them. From an agricultural point of view, honey bees never compete with crops for resources; on the other hand, they help in boosting the productivity of the staples.

By-Products Of Honey Bee Farming

It is not only the honey but also the by-products if honey farming also generates additional benefits to the honey farmers. All these by-products are equally important in their commercial

Honey Farmer: Royal Jelly

It is one of the most important by-products of homey farming, and the honey farmers rely on this to get the right amount of additional income from this by-product. This is a milky white secretion from the hypopharyngeal glands of nurse bees. And it is the feed for the young worker bees and queen larva. The royal jelly is useful in increasing vigor and vitality in humans.

Honey Farmer: Beeswax

It is another valuable by-product of bee farming on which honey farmers look to get money. Beeswax is secreted as a liquid but gets solidified as soon as it comes in contact with air. Beeswax finds its usage primarily in the candle industry and also in manufacturing creams, capsules, ointments, etc.

Honey Farmer And Their Income From Beekeeping
Honey Farmer And Their Income From Beekeeping

Honey Farmer: Propolis

Propolis is another by-product of honey farming from which honey farmers make additional money along with honey. This resin-like exudate that the worker bees collect from trees further enables in making Vaseline because of its adhesive property. It also helps in healing burn wounds, cuts, etc.


Though honey farming itself is a mode of generating additional income for the honey farmers, they also utilize the opportunity to generate revenue through supplying the by-products as well to various manufacturers and industries.

The honey farmers generally use their agricultural farmland for cultivating honey. But if they maintain proper infrastructure for farming and meet the rearing criteria, undoubtedly, the yield capacity of both honey and the other crops will increase to a great extent. The study has found that bee pollination can result in a substantial amount of increase in crop yield.

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