Top List of Beekeeping Supplies

Beekeeping Supplies

Taking care of bees is not as simple as it looks. It can be a dangerous task without the proper equipment. It would help if you equipped yourself with different tools to rear bees properly.

Honey is a great alternative sweetener that you can use for your tea. It is used for cooking, baking, and even as a topic for treats. But contrary to the sweet honey they produce, these insects can be vicious at times, which is why we created a list of supplies that every beginner in beekeeping should have.


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You need a place where you can safely keep your bees. Hives are an essential supply since this will be the place where your bees will live. You can either build your hive or buy one at local stores. There are different kinds of hives with different sizes. Langstroth hives, for example, is a standard hive that has two dimensions, an eight-frame hive, and a ten-frame


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A veil is a crucial gear to protect yourself. It will save you from being stung by bees and preventing them from going to the inside of your mouth or nose.

Beekeeper’s Suit

Although buying a protective veil is essential, a beekeeper’s suit is not much necessary. If you are new at beekeeping and you have an extra budget for buying one, then it is excellent, but if you have tight finances, you can improvise a suit from the clothes inside your home like jackets and pants.


Gloves are an essential supply for beekeeping. It will protect your hands when interacting with bees. Any gloves will do but it is most preferable to buy leather gloves that can reach into your elbows. If you do not have money for that, try using duct tape to cover your forearm.

Hive stand

Another essential supply, hive stand, is a tool where you can place your hives if you are wondering why it is needed, its because if you put your hives on the ground, crickets will be attracted to them, and they will destroy your hives.


A smoker is a tool that will help you in harvesting your honey. The smoker will calm down the bees using the scent it sprays like pine needles, wood chips, twigs, etc. It is useful in confusing the bees by cutting off their communication with each other giving you a chance to harvest peacefully.

Uncapping Tool

The uncapping tool helps to harvest the honey from the honeycomb without destroying it. It has two types, uncapping fork and uncapping knife. Most people prefer the uncapping fork because it is more comfortable to use.

These tools will be very helpful when you visit the bee’s nest. When you harvest honey from the bees’ hive, you will need these tools to have a hassle-free harvest. These tools will really come in handy and will ensure your safety when dealing with the bees. Remember to always be careful when handling bees. Happy harvesting!

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