Why There Is An Need Of Beekeeping?

Why There Is An Need Of Beekeeping?

The need for beekeeping has been pointed out by many famous people. Historia Animalium (The History of Animals) is one amongst many achievements from Aristotle, a legendary Greek philosopher, Disciple of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. He emphasized great importance on melissokomíain, a Greek word for apiculture or beekeeping.

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Why There Is An Need Of Beekeeping?

Need Of Bee Keeping In Contemporary Time.

Harvesting honey through beekeeping may seem a good source of business in the third century, but In today’s scientific world, what’s the need to bother about these stingy insects.

Moreover, we can prepare synthetic honey in bulk in factories, just like Taurine, a significant ingredient in the world-famous energy drink. Yet we see a long list of celebs advocating for Apiaries, such as Morgan Freeman, Vince Cable, Sherlock Holmes, Agnes Baden-Powell, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sylvia Plath, Scarlett Johansson, Maria von Trapp. Maybe it’s just that they are trying to be classy, which suits their starry image, or is it they have a point to the theory, which we commoners cannot see.

Need Of BeeKeeping In The Words Of Morgan Freeman

Larry page during an interview questioned Morgan Freeman; the Famous contraband smuggler Ellis “Red” Red from Shawshank Redemption, that why he has Converted His 124-Acre Ranch Into A Giant Honeybee Sanctuary and a Hollywood star has to turn into a beekeeper? Mr. Freeman replies, “There has been a frightening loss of bee colonies around the world so much, that scientists are now saying it’s dangerous.

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What is about it that jeopardizes human beings?

I am sure that even without delicious honey and these pestering insects, we can very well carry on with our lives, then where does the problem lie.

Crucial Role Of Beekeeping

Beekeepers not only generate a source of tasty food, hobbies, or rear it for medicines or make some Income. They also create something way more significant than these known benefits. The most crucial role that bees play on our planet is that of an agent of pollination. It is key to the ecological and agricultural sustainability of our world. The eusocial insects picked and carried pollens in big groups and spread them around the environment. It leads to cross-pollination, helps to produce more food, and boosts the life sustainability of our ecosystem.

How Beekeeping Help-Medicine?

Pharmaceutical companies keep bees in high regard as they develop their byproducts into medicine for nursing various diseases. Bees have high medicinal values, and their burning stings are scary. Though it’s venom extracts are a blessing in disguise for people ailing from painful Arthritis, Parkinson or related neuromuscular diseases.

We know this practice of medicine as apitherapy. Honey is also an excellent remedy during a lot of body pains and loose motion. Honey is even a proven immunity developer against Mighty AIDS.

Bees are great benefactors for humans. This hardworking and disciplined society of bumblebees has developed a sustainable world for us. Their diminishing population, because of fertilizers and deforestation must concern every human inhabiting this planet. Please remember that these bees are a reason for our beings. So let us enjoy some real honey then the artificial synthetics.

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